2012 MAN TGM 22,000 Litre Aircraft Refuel Bowser

AFS Aviation offers this refurbished aircraft refueller for sale.

The vehicle has undergone an extensive build with a remount 22,000 litre aluminium tank, monitor vessel and hose reels. All other equipment is new and built to the latest JIG standards.

It is offered with a three-month warranty on parts commencing on the date of delivery to service.

Images to follow shortly.

Price on application.


  • Chassis:
    • 2012 MAN TGM 6×2 rear steer and lift chassis
    • Brake interlock system with cab interlock monitor box
    • Fire extinguisher and spill kit cabinet
  • Tank:
    • 22,000 litre aluminium single compartment tank
    • One access man lid / dip tube
    • One sump and rapid drain point
    • 4 inch Emco Wheaton foot valve – pneumatic control
    • 4 inch Eaton bottom loading valve with primary and secondary automatic overfill prevention
    • Bayham 6 inch tank contents gauge
    • Tank top access ladder and tank handrails
  • Pump:
    • 3 inch Gorman Rupp hydraulic-driven self-priming pump
    • Flow rate 900 litres per minute through single 2 inch hose
  • Inline Pressure Controller and Deadman:
    • Meggitt Avery Hardoll CCMY 8600 4 inch inline pressure controller with deadman
    • Deadman handle and cable
    • Deadman timer system with warning lights and automatic shutdown
    • Deadman override system on overwing nozzle
  • Filtration:
    • Warner Lewis HF-1230 stainless steel monitor filtration (will take new Velcon CDFX)
    • Air eliminator valve and pressure relief valve
    • High DP detection with alarm and shutdown
    • Faudi AF Guard
  • Meter:
    • Avery Hardoll single-capsule BM meter c/w Veeder Root EMR3 electronic meter
    • Large LED digital readout (readable from 30m)
  • Hoses:
    • 25m x 1.5 inch aviation type C hose with ZVF50 overwing nozzle
    • 20m x 2 inch aviation type C hose with Carter pressure coupling
    • Hydraulic drive hose reels
  • Bonding Reel:
    • Stainless steel spring rewind bonding reel c/w 35m x high vis bonding cable
  • Sample System:
    • Sample points from tank and filter (inlet / outlet / drain)
    • Closed circuit sample system to include:
    • Glass visual inspection jar with aluminium dump tank
    • Recycle facility back to tank – air-operated pump

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