Winter Resilience

As the winter months approach and the weather reports issue warnings of snow and ice, it’s the time to prepare for all eventualities.

AFS Aviation will help you manage winter resilience at your airport location with the provision of:

  • Snow clearing equipment 
  • De-icing fluid storage facilities, whether static or mobile
  • Transport solutions – collecting and delivering your fluid stocks

Snow Clearing Equipment

AFS Aviation can provide you with a solution for your winter resilience planning so you can manage your taxiways and apron areas around your aircraft hangars in snow conditions.

We can provide you with the vehicles and equipment to clear the snow and reduce the ground ice deposits to allow you to keep your operation running smoothly and on time.

We offer lease or buy options for the following equipment:

  • John Deere tractor or gator
  • Diesel tow tug
  • Snow plough
  • Snow sweeper
  • Fluid spray unit  

Our lease options can cover just the winter months or a longer term if required. There’s no need to have snow clearing equipment sitting in place during the summer season.

De-Icing Fluid Storage Facilities

AFS Aviation can take the strain out of managing your aircraft and taxiway de-icing storage facilities. With new materials being used to create moveable bunded storage tanks, we have the solution that will create an efficient distribution centre.

As an alternative to holding de-icing fluid in IBC’s, we can create a winter fluid storage area that can be moved once the winter season is over.  Made from polyethylene, these tanks can be fixed in place in the secure aluminium cradles with pipework to connect them together creating a larger storage facility that will last forever. 

Transport Solutions

With our own fleet of trucks, AFS Aviation can arrange safe reliable transportation of de-icing fluids from the fluid manufacturer to the airport operation.

We work closely with the de-icing fluid manufacturers during the winter months to ensure there is enough fluid in place to support your operations. 

Relying on a delivery when your stocks run low is usually when the UK is experiencing the inevitable snow conditions and the roads are closed. Work closely with AFS Aviation and we will deliver to you on time. 

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.